Our Approach to Operational Excellence is Practical & Pragmatic in the detail.

At CRIS we believe Operational Excellence revolves around simplification, standardisation, and the elimination of delay and waste. Our emphasis is on getting the basics right first.

Only by getting the day-to-day work processes right can you achieve significant, measurable performance improvements and cost efficiencies.

In support of Operational Excellence we help clients to outperform competitors by;
  • Developing a clear understanding of what customers value and what they are willing to pay for
  • Focusing on asset and resource utilisation and productivity
  • Driving process excellence, consistency, and use of a continuous improvement toolkit across your business
  • Transfer of skills, quickly building internal capability to ensure that performance improvements are sustainable
You won’t find our teams in an office writing reports. We do implementation, not just advice.

Working in small joint teams with our clients, we focus on engaging staff in designing changes that affect them so that change is “done with” and not “done to”.

Through our own highly experienced employees and our extensive network of seasoned MCA and Water Industries Achievement award winning professionals, with experience across many varied business sectors and location, we can produce a bespoke solution for you that will add real value to your bottom line.