To achieve the significant cost savings to close the gap, our approach is to deliver unreasonable results by;

  1. Thinking beyond what is reasonable –
    What would make a really big difference? What would cause a breakthrough for the company? What would dramatically increase shareholder value or profits? What would be “worth doing?”
    The answers may not be reasonable, they may instead take you down a path towards huge success.
  2. Eliminating the reasons why not –
    We challenge the reasons why and ask people to set them aside. We take away their option to resort to excuses. We energise others to achieve not just the desired result, but the unreasonable result.
  3. Setting unreasonable expectations –
    We ask people to go beyond what they think is normal, risk-averse and even try to disrupt the natural order of things. We place big giant stakes in the ground, then figure out how to deliver and turn those unreasonable expectations into reality.
  4. Being more challenging –
    With your suppliers and employees, we will keep asking for more, better, sooner and always up the ante. We ask people to perform beyond their best.
  5. Aspiring for unreasonable futures –
    We take into account all the factors, bring everything you know about the situation up-to-date, add to it all the future changes you predict–and use that to forecast unreasonable results and make unreasonable plans.